What random/weird stuff are you buying from your Stadia refund?

I'm investing all of the ~700€ into SDR stuff 🙈.

@jonas no refund from Stadia here, but 700Euro in SDR sounds awesome!

@tffmh why didn't you get a refund? Maybe check your cards/accounts. They did only send out a little summary once in the process, everything else just magically happened.

@jonas I should have phrased that differently - I never was on Stradia, hence no refund.

@tffmh any specific recommendations? Got a HackRF Portapack, the obligatory RTL-SDR, a set of different antennas, an SDRPlay RSPdx. Also a GSM/GPS/BT HAT for the Raspberry Pi to eventually build something that can be deployed to the field 😁.

@jonas I only got an RTL-SDR. The Portaback looks nice, is it comparable with the HackFM One radio-function wise? Friend of mine currently waits for a CaribouLite RPi HAT, looks promising to me.

@tffmh it includes a full HackRF One and you can bypass the whole thing to use it as a HackRF if you want. Being able to develop/use stuff that just runs directly on a self contained platform is a cool bonus.

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